Christian Dior

Christian Dior

“For a perfume to have lasting hold, it needs to first hold
the heart of its creator.”…Christian Dior

Christian Dior was born in 1905 toin Granville, France to.  Five years later Dior, moved with his family to Paris.  His parents had high hopes of him becoming a diplomat but as he grew up he became interested in art and began to sketch, and sold them on the street. After graduating from high school, against his parents wishes Dior opened up a small gallery.  After the Great depression and the death of both his mother and brother, in 1929, Dior closed his gallery and was hired by Robert Piguet until he went off to the military in 1940.

After the war, in 1946 Dior opened up his own fashion house in Paris.   A year later, he became one of the most sought after haute couture designers, when he created his line “New Look”. Thanks to his designs, France was considered the capital of the fashion world.  Later that year, Christan Dior launched their first women’s fragrance called Miss Dior, named after his sister Catherine. He later hired Pierre Cardin, who was the leading designer in the shop, and a year later they opened their first ready-to-wear shop in New York, thus establishing the beginning of Christian Dior-New York.

In 1955, Yves Saint Laurent is brought on board at the age of 19 to become Dior’s assistant.  And in 1957 Dior died of a heart attack and Yves Saint Laurent took over as the head artistic designer of the brand, until 1960 when he is called in to National Service and Marc Bohan took over. In 1966, their first fragrance for men was launched, called Eau Sauvage and a year later the Dior Perfume line was bought out by Moet Hennessy.  Dior perfume went on to launch a long line of frgrances that are still around today such as Diorella and Dioressence for women, Jules for Men, the ever popular Poison for women, Fahrenheit for men, Dune for both women and men, and J’adore for women, to name a few.



Christian Dior Products

  • Dior Homme Intense

    For Him - Soft Floral


  • Higher Energy

    For Him - Aromatic


  • Higher

    For Him - Aromatic


  • Dune Pour Homme

    For Him - Woody Oriental


  • Tendre Poison

    For Her - Floral


  • Diorissimo

    For Her - Floral


  • Eau Sauvage Extreme

    For Him - Citrus


  • Jules

    For Him - Aromatic


  • Eau Sauvage

    For Him - Citrus


  • Dior Homme

    For Him - Soft Floral


  • Dior Addict 2

    For Her - Floral


  • Miss Dior Cherie

    For Her - Mossy Woods


  • Dolce Vita

    For Her - Woods


  • Dune

    For Her - Woody Oriental


  • Dior Addict

    For Her - Oriental


  • Midnight Poison

    For Her - Woody Oriental


  • Pure Poison

    For her - Floral Oriental


  • Hypnotic Poison

    For Her - Woody Oriental


  • Poison

    For Her - Floral Oriental


  • Fahrenheit

    For Him - Woods


  • J’Adore

    For Her - Floral


  • Miss Dior

    For Her - Mossy Woods


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