Enzo Ferrari became a sponsor of motor sports events and builder of race cars in 1929 when he founded his company Scuderia Ferrari.  In 1947, he changed the company name to Ferrari S.P.A when he began to manufacture street vehicles.   Today the company is well known for their high end luxury cars and sponsor of Formula One.

Ferrari launched their first fragrance in 1999 with Ferrari Black.  The fragrance was an immediate success, due in part to the fact that their cars were financially too expensive for most people, but the fragrance was moderately priced and gave the public a feeling of owning a piece of luxury.  Two years later, they introduced their second fragrance for men, Ferrari No.1, followed by Ferrari Racing in 2003, Ferrari Passion and Unlimited in 2005, and Ferrari Extreme in 2006 .









Ferrari Products

  • Scudera Ferrari Uomo

    For Him - Woods


  • Scudera Ferrari Light Essence

    For Him - Citrus


  • Scudera Ferrari Extreme

    For Him - Woods


  • Scudera Ferrari Black

    For Him - Woods


  • Scudera Ferrari Red

    For Him - Woody Oriental


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