Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

“If writing is the visible expression of the soul, fragrance is surely its unspoken, subliminal language. Fragrances tell stories, shape emotions and evoke poetry, writing in unseen ink what the fountain pen marks on paper in black and white.”

IN 1908 Claus-Johannes Voss, August Eberstein and Alfred Nehemias founded Simpler Filler Pen company in Hamburg, Germany.  In 1913, they changed the name to Mont Blanc,  after designing their now signature pen “White Star” , which was inspired by the white snowy peak in the Alps, the highest point in Europe.  20 years later, they expanded their line to include leather goods to accompany and accessorize their pens. Their facilities were destroyed during World War II, to be rebuilt once again in the mid-1940’s in Germany and Denmark.  Due to the the change in the economy after the war, the company designed less expensive pens, to keep up with the competition, but still continued to manufacture and improve their more expensive fountain pens, which went on to become a hot collectors item.

In the late 1980’s interest in high end fountain pens began to rise again, thus expanding the brand worldwide and opening new stand alone stores.  As the company began to expand they began adding new products to the line like luggage, jewelry and watches for men. In 2001 they launched their  first fragrance for men called Presence.  As the company continued to grow they introduced a women’s jewelry and watch line in 2001.  A year later fragrances became a large part of their lineup when they partnered with Inter Parfums inc,  and launched their first women’s fragrance called Presence D’Une Femme, followed by Presence Cool for men,  Individuel and Femme Individuel, Starwalker for men, and Legend for both men and women.





Mont Blanc Products

  • Legend pour Homme

    For Him - Aromatic


  • Homme Exceptionnel

    For Him - Woody Oriental


  • Starwalker

    For Him - Woods


  • Individuel

    For Him - Aromatic


  • Presence Cool

    For Him - Aromatic


  • Presence

    For Him - Woody Oriental


  • Legend Pour Femme

    For Her - Floral


  • Femme de MontBlanc

    For Her - Floral Oriental


  • Femme Individuelle

    For Her - Woody Oriental


  • Presence D’Une Femme

    For Her - Floral Oriental


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